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www.developmentdebate.in is a newly started website which focuses on the development and its discontent. The discourse of development has largely been dominated by the GDP growth rate, Stock Market performances, corporate led industrialization, big dams, and urbanization and world class cities etc. The negative impacts of such development process has been considered inevitable and the 'cost of progress' which must be paid.

But as we all know both the costs and fruits of such progress and corporate led growth are shared disproportionately by the various sections of the society. The movements against the displacement, land grab by the corporate, loss of livelihood, loss of any control over local natural resources, environmental destruction, gaining momentum across the country and the globe, have been trying to highlight these injustices to the victims of development.

We feel that there is a need to raise those voices from many corners in many ways and there are many efforts and initiatives towards that. This website is a modest effort to contribute towards the same. Our focus is going to be the south Asia region and the efforts will be to provide an one stop resource page, with all the relevant information like legislation and policies, statistics and the important developments.

We request you to kindly contribute to the debate. You can send your posts to developmentdebate@gmail.com.

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